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Updated: Jan 10, 2020

It is nearing the end of October and what have I been doing this past month? Inktober!!! My Roaring Cat Game’s partner, Barry, challenged me to pick up #Inktober (a social media challenge that encourages artist and non-artist alike to draw in ink once a day throughout the month of October). Having very minimal experience in ink drawing in the past, the first few days of Inktober was pretty rough. I took for granted the ability to erase with a pencil and undoing by pressing Ctrll+Z in Photoshop; with ink, there is no redo, once you messed up, just pray that you can recover the errors by adding in more lines. So, quite a few of my drawings have random big black spots filled in. -_-

After the first week into Inktober, I got curious with different pen tip sizes and made my way to the nearest Hobby Lobby to see what else I can use. I came across Faber Castell’s calligraphy-like brushes pens and they pretty much opened a whole new world of inking for me. Especially with oriental-influenced drawings, these pens were an essential. The new pens also inspired me to redesign characters from my first game project, Violet’s Vengeance. As you can see below, I am now several days into an animal-samurai themed drawings based on the Asian’s twelve-animal zodiac system. I’m looking to go past Inktober and finish what I’ve started.

Barry even got involved and some of his drawings are hilarious! You can see both of our entries on Roaring Cat Game Tumblr’s dev blog and on our respective twitter accounts: @BarryRowe & @LoiLeMix.

Curious to see more? Check out my Illustrations page for more entries!

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