• Loi LeMix

GoPro 8 SouthEast Asia Tour

I just got back from my month-long trip overseas and had the awesome opportunity to tour tree different Asian countries, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. Within them, were more than a dozen cities that received my wife's and my footprints. Altogether, I think I've traveled more than thirty thousand miles and was on the plane for at least 60 hours total! While I can't physically give you souvenir gifts, however, I can give you some fun visuals from my travels through the lens of a GoPro 8.

Having owned several iterations of the GoPro cameras, the 8th model is by far my favorite model as it allows me to capture videos and photos from a bevy options of built-in camera lens choices. Best of all, the ability to transfer those captured pictures and videos onto my phone as well as the user-friendly UI to create and edit video compositions directly through the App. Left behind are the days of downloading or transferring videos onto the computer and editing them through Adobe Premiere. Oh, how technology has advanced!

So, the majority of the videos that you see here were conveniently composed and edited during my free time sitting on a bus, car, or airplane. Another surprise was how awesome the night photos turned out from the GoPro 8. To create something similar on a DSLR camera, it would have required a lens that is 5x more expensive than the GoPro 8 camera itself, and that's excluding the DSLR camera's body.

Check out one of my favorite captures from the trip below, this was taken at the Marina in downtown, central Singapore. As well as fun composition shot composing of various geometric shapes taken at a Monastery in Southern Vietnam.

Now, about them videos, you can view them on my travel logs on my IG @LoiLeMix. Cheers!