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The Creative Lead at Colonial Construction LLC

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

At the start of 2019, I was contacted by a brilliant young man named Benjamin Avalos to help brand his new start up construction company, Colonial Construction LLC. While, young, Benjamin had extensive experiences within the field of construction, however, he lacked the know-how on where to start with branding his new start-up company. It was as if the stars were aligned on the day of our initial consultation meeting and thus, our friendship blossomed into a partnership that led me to be the Creative Director for Colonial Construction LLC.

My role as the Creative Director was to oversea everything that gets marketed, shown, or shared with the public eyes on the visual front. I was tasked with creative social media marketing with pictures and videos production, website design, promotional and marketing material such as flyers, business cards, and etc.

One of the greatest pleasure that came from this opportunity was the fact that I was able to become a drone pilot and that resulted a bunch of visually astounding videos from angles I could have only dreamed of as a photographer on the ground. One of the best video I've ever produced was a composition from hours of footage from our drones flying through various spots in downtown Louisville and in 4K, no less. Check it out below! 

Take a visit to WWW.COLONIAL.LLC to see the results of my time spent as their Creative Director. You can also see some of the many contents created for Colonial Construction LLC here on my website as well.

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