• Loi LeMix

It's Acura Official!

Yesterday, on July 7th of 2014, I posted this picture onto my Instagram account @LoiLeMix and within several hours, I received a ♥ from Official @Acura. To me, that was a HUGE honor to have my photo liked by a renown car brand, especially one that I admire since I currently own one of their TL models. So yes, I was gleeing and giggling like a little Asian school girl when i found out.

A little backstory, this photo was taken while I was working on my car, my friends pictured here like me, drives 3rd Generation Acura TLs. They came and visit as it was about to storm, and as soon as I saw the stormy clouds in the background, I knew that this was a photo opportunity that I can't miss out on. After about 50 shots or so, I found several perfect pictures worth displaying. You can also check out the rest of the shots on my Photography page or for higher resolution pictures, check out my Flickr's page.

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