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Running With the Horses

April here in Louisville, KY is all about Derby and all the festivities it involves. In relation to horse racing, celebrating the release of Mommy's Best Games' (local game dev studio based in Southern, Indiana) April release of "Finger Derpy" in the App stores, Roaring Cat Games was invited to showcase one title for the show. Hosted at Zanzibar, the show is called Chomp The BIT Arcade and it is opened free to the public allowing people to play the latest and greatest game developed by local game developers from and around Louisville.

For our entry, we decided to polish and finish up Lab Escape so we can generate a buzz for our biggest project yet, and get it ready for the app store as well. I've been working tirelessly this past week adding new artworks into the game while updating some of the old ones that were not up to par with the current art style. Now that the team have trimmed down from three devs to two, the workload is slightly more, but communication much more fluid.

Below, you see a poster I’ve rendered for Lab Escape and I may have went a little overboard from the initial request of a “simple poster” for display at our booth on the day of. Perhaps, with my recent ventures in creative marketing campaigns, it happened naturally. I wanted to create a catchy looking poster that will get bystanders attention to demo our beloved title, so I opted for a “block buster movie-like” design that I think will surely entice its viewers. I mean, after looking at that poster, even I want to play the game now and see what it's all about!

**Post Update: April 10th** Having the public play Lab Escape is one of the best thing to help progress it towards a quality title release. In the same essence as beta testing, allowing the public to play our game, we were able to receive various feedback that will help us greatly improve Lab Escape's gameplay. Some of the feedback we've received were: making the game colorblind safe, playable for right hand or left handed people, minor interface changes, animations tweak, and etc. Barry and I are looking to finalize the changes and release it to the Android market at the beginning of May.

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