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Sneaky Nessie

This project came to fruition after I took up an indie-game challenge called "Ludum Dare" recommended by several old game design colleagues. Teaming up with talented programmer, Barry Rowe from, we've managed to create an adorable, playable 2D sidescrollers within 72 hours over the course of a mid-August's weekend. The Ludum Dare 30 theme this time around was "Connecting World".


What is Sneaky Nessie exactly? Barry's description of the game describes it best:


"You play as the lovable mythical creature, Nessie, trying to secretly make your way out of the lake, and through the environment. You're risking exposure because you feel drawn to the other side of the town by an unknown force. Use your prehistoric agility, hiding skills, and special disguises to avoid being seen on your journey. "


To play Sneaky Nessie, please follow head on over to Roaring Cat Games

Although the web version is available, I highly recommend playing a downloaded version instead. You'll get a more thorough gameplay experience, as well as seeing the graphics in High Definition!


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