Saturday Morning Destruction

This was Roaring Cat Games take on Ludum Dare #33's theme: "You Are the Monster" over a grueling mid-August weekend of intense and time crunching hard work. The amount of feedback we've received from peer developers thus far have all been positive. With some minor tweaks with controls, we anticipate to be working on this silly title again in the near future and  push it for a mobile release. For the price of Free.99!


You can find our entry here on Ludum Dare's website: Saturday Morning Destruction!!!


"As a monster, destruction doesn't always come naturally. So in the 80s, it became popular for young monsters to learn the proper destruction techniques through the power of dance. Many a morning were spent by young monsters watching the proper techniques to destroy. You must make sure you provide a great show to teach the next generation how to become the best monster they can be."


Graphical User Interface Design

Art Assets Management

Vector Art Style Design

Character Animations

Level Design