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Fall For The First Time

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Living in the pandemic has turned me into an uncreative monster. So much that I couldn't make time to participate in #inktober, one of my favorite things that comes out of October. It saddens me because I was on a 3-year streak, too!

Thankfully to my wife, more or less, swayed me with her charms, and got me to pick up the Nikon DSLR again to take autumn pictures of her. This being her first year, first Autumn in the US, she is definitely new to the whole colorful leaves season. Originally from Hue, Vietnam, you will only find that there are only 2 seasons there. It's either rainy Spring and super hot and humid Summer.

So, before the cold winter wind blows out all the warm-color leaves off of the maple and oak trees, we ventured to several local parks to hunt down trees that looked like they're on fire. As a result, I give you: A Newbie's Autumn Album.

Shot through the 35mm f/1.8G prime lens mounted on an old Nikon D5100 body.

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