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Another Year of Many Happily Ever Afters

Updated: Jan 10

October 7th, 2018 marks the 4th and last wedding music gig I did in 2018. Of which, three weddings were done consecutively one after another, three Sundays in a row! They were all festive and everyone enjoy themselves! I'm not sure I am looking forward to 2019 as I may retire from DJing this year and pick up new projects... perhaps music and video productions?

So, big congrats to all the couples that I received the honor of hosting entertainment for! Below are pictures from a perspective that can only be seen by my buddy-DJ, Tyler and I. Cheers!

JUNE 10th - Danh & Emily tied the knot today! I didn't get to take any good pics, but did snapped one of the crowd grooving it out. Bonus first pic, just to give you a taste of all the equipment involved when I head out to do a wedding.

SEPTEMBER 23RD - Joe & Ca had a wonderful wedding at the Yew Dell Botanical Gardens. It rained lightly so the reception had to be relocated inside. Midway through the wedding there was a Lion Dance show, a first time for me at a wedding!

SEPTEMBER 30TH - Ethan & Thanh got hitched at Noah's Venue, a familiar place where I had the pleasure of dropping beats at. Their wedding program was super detailed and everything turned out accordingly to plan. We had a blast!

OCTOBER 7TH - Trung & Hien got married at Wood Haven's Country Club and it was such a nice atmosphere. This one was a toughie as I was booked at the last minute, just 2 weeks prior to the special date during the time that I was finalizing the other weddings. Even tougher, there were Karaoke involved. When there's singing involved, things can get complicated quick, but aside from a couple of audio hiccups, things turned out stellar. I even got to become a last-minute MC for event in BOTH languages. Bonus photo of our dedicated stage.