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Take a Ride in Carkour in KPF Season 3

Kentucky Fried Pixel (KFP) season 3 Humble Bundle just kicked off this month. With excitement, Roaring Cat Games will be releasing our latest and greatest build of Carkour along with other great indie titles by local developers from Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio! Carkour is a quirky 2D puzzle game that debut last year as new IP from RCG. Since its first release last year, Carkour has received a major makeover with interface redesign, tools tweak to improve game-play and dozens of additional levels. Improvements were made possible from all the feedback we received from players from various public play events. Thank you, guys!

While we continue to tirelessly work on Carkour to make it mobile-ready, you will have a chance to have early access to our beloved game through the KFP humble bundle purchase available on August 3rd in conjunction with the Louisville First Friday Trolley Hop.

For more information on KFP, please follow this link to Louisville Makes Games: KFP.

Okay, so how about a demo video of Carkour to satisfy your pixel cravings?

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