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#Inktober 2017: Random Subjects by Roaring Cat Games

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

October came and went by pretty quick and the Roaring Cat Games crew were at it again with #inktober 2017. This year, we did things a little different, Barry (Code Cat) and I gave each other prompts because as we found out years before, finding a subject to draw was nearly as hard as drawing itself. So, we decided to switch out prompts' author on a weekly basis. The prompts were pretty random and sometimes, given on the spot.

I wish I had spent more time on several of the entries, but a busy life with a constant full schedule allows for minimal sketch time. Although, I feel like this is my best year, yet. Fun Fact: Day 11, Samurai Meow (prompt: Warrior Cat), also became a winning entry on Instagram from the weekly hashtag, #louinkville17. I received a swag bag full of cool ink pens and a sweet sketchbook from local art supply store, Artist & Craftsman Supply in Louisville.

If you take noticed, I only got to finished up to 30 days. With Day 31 prompt being "An Original Character", I feel like I need to spend some time on this one. I'm going to finish it one day and it'll be the best sketch, yet! Maybe.

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