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Fresh Starts

Late last year, I was inquired to help with branding for two new local businesses. Both had a similar market, automotive customers.

The first client wanted to do start a mobile automotive detailing business and he mainly wanted to reach out to clients with higher-end vehicles. The business model is rather simple, he would travel to his client's business or residence and detail their car on the spot using only dealer-quality detailing compounds. Stuffs that cannot be bought in the stores.

A lot of times, I base my design inspiration from the client's business name, sometimes it works out and then other times it doesn't. We went through several name ideas, but after some careful deliberation, we decided on calling his business, "Thoroughbred Detailing". Which is simply based on the fact that Louisville is considered as a Derby City. Also, wordplay wise, thoroughbred are also known as a high-end horse breed, so this was an interesting concept to play with. Below is the final logo design based on the idea of combining complementary silhouette curves. Yum.

The other client's approach was different, he already had a name he wanted to use. Named after his young nephew, Kam's Tires and Auto Service. Kam's biggest business is selling new and used tires, hence the main focal point being the 3/4 profile tire design. I finalized on the black and lava orange color scheme because of their contrasts, and I have to admit, they're just lovely together.

P.S. I love that background so much, I used it twice. hehe.

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