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Creative Triple

I was booked to DJ for a private event last NYE, several days prior to the eventful evening, with playlist planning and audio equipment gathering, I came across YeahRight!'s funky instrumental remix of the late and great, George Michael's Careless Whisper. As soon as I heard it, I knew right then and there that I wanted to add George Michael's vocal onto it. I got to work and hastily mashed the two songs together and played it that night, it was well received with people singing and jamming to this odd EDM mashup. My curiosity was piqued and I spent the last couple of weeks inside of Adobe Audition learning to master the pitch, bpm, volume, and transition of these two tracks to fuse together a quality mashup to share with the world.

Once the audio was done, the next challenge was to create an alluring album cover that would make George Michael proud. Since YeahRight! instrumental sounded very "electronic", I dove straight into Illustrator to create a low-poly artwork from one of his famous portrait. Metaphorically, the idea behind this art style is to compliment YeahRight!'s electronic melody, which sounded very 8-bit.

I took it one step further by creating a video of the song playing in the background with the album cover and slapped an audio spectrum effect onto the video inside of Adobe AfterEffects. I love how it turned out and this mashup will immortalized on YouTube... I guess, until they slap me with a copyright infringement for having George Michael on my track. *crossing fingers*

Tools used:

Audio: Audition

Graphics: Illustrator & Photoshop

Video: After Effects

Quality Assurance: Eyes and Ears

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