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Year of the Fire Chicken

Actually... that sounds kind of delicious. As you know (or maybe not), around this time of the year, the good Asian folks are going all out to celebrate a special holiday of our own, the Lunar New Year a.k.a. the Asian New Year a.k.a. the Chinese New Year. Since, I am of Vietnamese descendant, we simply call it Tết. Unlike the last Tết, where I was super involved with the local Vietnamese Community in regards to planning, sound directing, advertisement for their Tết festival, this year, I took a break from all that stress and asked to be given only design tasks.

Below is a flyer/poster design that will be making its rounds at numerous local oriental stores and businesses. And a greeting card written in Vietnamese that will be mailed out to businesses, patrons, and various members of the community. You're probably thinking... Everything is so red! Well, when it comes to Tết, red represents prosperity, luck and positive values. Likewise, you'll also see a lot of yellow-hue integration because it represents happiness.

So, as the Vietnamese would to say it, Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!!

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