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Angel's Delight

My brother's friend and construction client had just finished renovating an office space and made it suitable for their new salon business. Catching wind of my freelancing creative service, he and his wife approached me inquiring help with their business logo. Like most clients, they didn't really have a direction what they wanted and was actually in a rush to get something put up now that their business space is available. The only thing they could give me to start with was the business name, Angel's Hair and Nails Salon. With their Catholic background, they kind of insisted that "Angel" means ethereal and wanted a design to compliment the word. I quickly talked them out of it, and told them that association with religion may drive away potential customers of other religions. So, there goes the halos and angel wings ideas. I am positive that Angel is the wife's American name... maybe. Regardless, I was going with this imaginative girl named Angel as the focal point of the logo.

The process was actually very enjoyable! I got to dive back into a silhouette vector style and got to focus on line curves. After referencing and taking inspiration from existing logos (thanks Google), these are the rough drafts that lead into the final logo as you see in the bottom. Although, I'd much preferred design on the left, with the typography play of the letter "A", the client decided that they really liked the designs on the right more.

I was also asked to source out vinyl printing service as well and to do so within a two-week time frame. So, a lot of design was taken into consideration with printing and digitizing in crunch-time. Much thanks to PreMIER signs for their speedy and quality service as always.

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