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Ludum Dare Lingers the Air

Ludum Dare 37 is upon Roaring Cat Games and it begins tomorrow night! My partner, Barry and I, are taking a short break from our long-term project, GalaxSeed, and we're really looking forward to be working on a new project from scratch throughout this weekend for LD. As creative individuals, we are kind of getting burnt-out from working on the same project for so long (nearly a year!) We have so many ideas, yearning to create so many worlds, but here we are doing a lot of grunt work, grinding to get a few small mechanics done, which isn't fun at all. So, it's feels refreshing to take a break and create something completely new. Who knows, maybe something fruitful will come from this weekend's jam game.

While on the same subject, I realized that our last LD project from LD 35*, Chopping Spree, never received the proper love that it should! Mostly because it was a horrible game, ha-ha. The weekend's project wasn't fun to play at all, due to missing fundamental game mechanics and dev members periodically missing throughout the weekend. Our group composed of five members, Barry (code), Rex (code), Chase (sound & music), David (art), and me (art). While seemingly a large and wholesome group, it was hard to communicate and there were minor conflicts. I was in charged of character art while David was working on the environmental art assets, but because we were working on two complete different programs, me in AI and him in PSD, we had some differences in art direction. Regardless though, I had a lot of laughs making the game's character art and I think you'll concur when you see them as well, but first, I'll give you a quick description of the game so you'll have basic idea of what you're looking at.

"Fight monsters, grow your weapon to it's full potential. In Chopping Spree you play as a dagger, aspiring for greater destruction. As you defeat rat minions, you grow and transform to bigger and better forms."

And here you have the main character in five different progression stages and the only enemy that made it out from the canvas

*We did not participates in LD 36 due to a lot of confusion with the host wanting to take a break, you can read the whole mix-up here.

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