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A September to Remember!

**Post update at end**

September has been crazy for me! And it hasn't even ended yet! I had two weddings with a combined total of over 800 guests to DJ for on the 4h and 18th. I couldn't have done it without the help of my buddy, Tyler M, whom I had collaborated art and design with in the past, but this was our first venture working through music together and it was a blast! Thanks, brother! Big congrats two perfect couples, Huong & Nam and Hue & Patrick on getting hitched!

Below are the only pictures I got to take of each wedding. They are memories of good times.

But, wait! There's more! In between the two weddings, on September 10th, Roaring Cat Games along with Two Scoop Games, Hydra Chicken, and Spactronaut, altogether representing Louisville Makes Games, got the chance to showcase our games to the public at the annual Louisville Mini Maker Faire. We were situated inside the Kentucky Science Center this year and safe from the storm that came through later on that day. Conveniently, our co-working studio space, Warp Zone, was just one block from the KY Science Center, so traveling with electronics in hand, braving through the aftermath of a storm was not bad at all.

Roaring Cat Games got the chance to let the public play our beta mobile version of GalaxSeed. We got some great feedback and tweak ideas as we watch people of all ages come by and gave it a touch. Here are a couple of photos taken at the event and this year’s Mini Maker Faire flyer.

I also got to spend some time inside of Adobe Premiere and composed a video combining all of Roaring Cat Games's games for the public prior to the special event. This video was playing while visitors got to beta-test GalaxSeed on an iPad. The funniest thing (which happened often) was when players thought the video was a playable game and were trying to figure out how to play it.

**Post Update: 09/28/2016**

It's the last week of September and the only way to end it properly is receiving an invitation to participates in this year's Idea Festival at The Kentucky Center. With only one week's noticed, I volunteered with fellow game dev, Rex, to represents Hydra Chicken Games, Roaring Cat Games and together for Louisville Makes Games. We spoke with professionals from various industries about game design and its technology. I also once again got to showcased GalaxSeed on iOS to dozens of curious players and even got do a live Periscope through Twitter for the first time! I recorded the event of a young player named Nate, who attempted to beat our demo version on the iPad and a score of 1000.

Check out the recorded stream below:

Roaring Cat Games also got a sweet picture me play-testing GalaxSeed through Louisville Moving Forward's Twitter and Instagram!

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