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Savory Pixels For Your Enjoyment

Kentucky Fried Pixels (KFP) bundle is now available and all these tender, juicy games are ready for you to play! At a minimum purchase price of ONLY $1.00, you can play a total of 18 games created by indie game developers from Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. The bundle will be available until the 18th of September, so don't delay.

If you buy the bundle, you also get a solid beta-version of Roaring Cat Game's latest product, GalaxSeed, a fast-paced space shooter with a unique twist!

Fun fact: I learned a new trade and managed to create a quick game-play video of GalaxSeed. I started using an awesome video-capture program called Bandicam and I also got to refresh myself with video editing through Adobe Premiere again. It was fun and nostalgic. I look forward to doing more! Check out the results below.

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