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The BIRDS! Are Cooked...

Here are the ratings we received from fellow game devs over at Ludum Dare website. Please note that the # is out of 1272 Jam (team collaboration) entries and the score is #.## out of 5.00 star ratings.

Result's Link

Coolness 95%

#60 Mood (Jam) 3.87

#90 Graphics (Jam) 4.24

#187 Innovation (Jam) 3.61

#209 Theme (Jam) 3.88

#230 Humor (Jam) 3.18

#246 Audio (Jam) 3.33

#315 Overall (Jam) 3.42

#632 Fun (Jam) 2.88

We knew we were hard pressed to make BIRDS! a fun game, because the original concept was that it wasn't supposed to be much of a game, but to create something that promotes relaxation when the game is activated. We certainly achieved that by placing 60 out of 1272 jam entries in the "Mood" category. While placing 90 in Graphics just simply fills me with joy, because this was all me all weekend long, grinding artworks like it was I was a factory! Unlike the last Ludum Dare, we broke top 100 in two categories, and that my friend, is progress! The challenge was definitely stiff this time around, so many great entries in all categories!

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