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The Weekends' Trifecta

Feb 20 - 21: The last three weekends were events one after another! Starting out with a weekend of full of festivities for the Vietnamese "Tet" New Year celebration. It was the most successful Vietnamese Community hosted event to date and I am happy to be a part of it! You can view pictures from vibrant festival on Vietnam Louisville Website (another project that I also had the opportunity to lead in design with). During the already hectic, busy festival, my creative game design partner also got married! I had to briefly sneak away from setting up the massive sound system on Saturday night, to enjoy a quick toast with Barry and his new bride, Izabella. Big congrats to the newlyweds!

Feb 27: The weekend after was Louisville Makes Games own Warp Zone's Grand Opening Party. I was asked to DJ and threw down ambient beats for the chill atmosphere throughout the night. It was such a great turnout! Over 150 people came out to play locally-made games, participates in prized-tournies and also got themselves a dose of game education! We are now on the map! Literally, if you asks google to take you to Warp Zone Louisville, it will direct you to our studio promptly! You can view photos from this awesome event on Louisville Makes Games flickr page.

March 4 - 6: This was Louisville Arcade Expo weekend and the event coordinators had asked us to participates in their show by demoing our games at Indie Alley. Along with other studios from Louisville Makes Games, Run Jump Dev, from Lexington and several other indie game developers in the surrounding cities, Roaring Cat Games debut our polished Planetary Planter for public beta-play on the mobile platform. We had been crunching hours the week prior tweaking the game mechanics and designing it to make it more fun than the previous version. Beta test was critical to us as we were able get to gather valuable public's opinions and feedback on our game. When Barry and I meet up tomorrow for our weekly game-dev meetup every Tuesday, we will go through all the comments we've received and try to improve what we can from there. So, look out for Planetary Planter in the app stores in the near future! View photos of Louisville Makes Games at Louisville Arcade Expo in our Flickr Album. PS I found some down time to draw Chun Li on the white board to lure unsuspecting arcade goers in for Visual Villain latest project: Street Fighter Dance Dance Revolution! It worked!

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