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Arora Weblite

The Arora Customs crew contacted me seeking design consultation with their new website. After seeing what they have managed to come up with in Word Press, I took over and introduced them to Wix web design service. They're my buddies and I want their business to flourish, so I created a layout for them that I know would surely attract potential customers. My vision was simple: sleek, short and sweet. Sleek with a white modernize font's text on black contrast-y horizontal bars. Short with just enough information to keep the viewer informed and to not clutter up the layout. And sweet with superb visual contents to show off what these guys are capable of, their productions, their passion. Most of the background images were taken by me and are of cars that had been modified inside their garage. Coming out of a two years hiatus on web design, I am pretty proud of how this one looks. It has a new-web feel and look to it. It almost had me contemplating about redesigning my website... J/K

Check them out at

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