• Loi LeMix

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!

Don't know what that means? Well, I am not too sure either... Just kidding. It translates to "Happy New Year" in Vietnamese. Tết or Asian New Year or Chinese New Year are all different names for Lunar New Year, which is widely celebrated throughout of South-East Asia. The Vietnamese community in Louisville is not very big, but it is growing and every year, we try our best through volunteering power to host a festive event that involves traditional live music, plays, and cultural dances. There is a little something special this year, though: beauty pageant consists of married women 35 year-old and over. Nontraditional, but a twist for the modern era.

My involvement with this year's Tết event is taking on the role of a Sound Director, as my brothers and I are in a band. All five of my brothers are musicians and I am the guy behind the mixer, the musically-challenged one... Lots of music rehearsal and planning prep were in order. I also got involved with advertisement and promotional designs. Bellow are banners designs that had been babied and printed at Premier Signs, owned and operated by a close friend of mine. The yellow banner was printed out at 260in x 40in and the blue banner at 192in x 24in. They are quite large, a combined of over 100ft total square footage! I can't wait to see them hung up on stage! The last image is of a flyer design that I took over and designed for the community at the last minute, after the original designer backed out because of her hectic school and work schedules. I had a fun time designing these. Happy Lunar New Year!

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