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Birthday Beats

I have been wanting to make this mix for a VERY long time! For how long? Well, I had the idea of putting a House-genre DJ set together at the end of summer of 2015. With different creative design projects and my involvement as a board member of Louisville Makes Games, all the while working on Roaring Cat Games' projects, I could never managed to gather the time to finish this personal project. Like, ever! I did, however, pieced it together in increments through a combination of three of my hobbies.

Photography: The photo was taken sometime in mid-October. It was easy, I had a nice hair day, I took about twenty self-portraits with my favorite music festival go-to-tank-top on and picked out the most desirable one. It reads MTV, perfect, right?

Design: I saw A LOT of double exposure influenced designs in 2015. One of the front runners that incorporated double exposure images really well is Andreas Lies. An uber-talented artist who is famous for his double exposure images combining animals and landscape. Just click above and you'll see why. The final exported image was saved in December with anticipation of finishing the mix for the New Years... but, that didn't work out time-wise. Failed.

DJ Set: Throughout 2015, my ears were glued to a variety of House. From Tropical, Deep, Tech, Minimal, and then with the introduction of Oliver Heldens (known for his Future House sounds) at Ultra Music Festival. His rhythm and bass kicks are unlike anything I've heard before! I was hooked! So, this is a tribute to those epic House producers. Thanks to them for making my long-hours work commute and summer nights full of harmony and rhythmic beats. The final mastered mix was finished on the last day of January. My original intention was a B-day gift to myself on January 27th. Failed, again. But, it's finally done and it's finally live. I'm happy with the results! Let me know what you think!

**Edit** 2/8/2016 Well, the original track that was hosted on SoundCloud has been taken down. Universal Music Group went after me and slapped a copyright infringement on my mix. This is the third mix that I had uploaded that got taken down. I can see where they're coming from, but man, I didn't even get a warning! It's okay, though, I found a new music mix hosting service below and it is pretty smooth. It reminds me of the old SoundCloud platform before big record companies took over.

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