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Happy, Happy Mount FuJ

Ring in the new year with some good news, why don't we? So, the ratings digits are in for Roaring Cat Games's last Ludum Dare 34 Entry: Mount FuJ... and *drum rolls* it turned out a lot better than I had expected! A Graphics standing at 17 out of 1638!!! Okay, that seems kind of surreal to me when I first saw it, especially from the amount of people who voted, which I know is no more than 100. Nonetheless, it is based on averages, and that means that the number of folks who did play our game and voted, liked what they saw! They also seems to enjoyed what they hear as well. #59 in Audio, I bet Zoe is super physch'd as well! Actually, the whole team is! Our coolness rating is disappointing because we had more people played our games than we got the chance to play and rate theirs.


Coolness 54%

#17 Graphics (Jam) 4.67

#59 Audio (Jam) 4.04

#73 Mood (Jam) 3.96

#100 Theme (Jam) 4.19

#266 Overall (Jam) 3.59

#314 Innovation (Jam )3.41

#522 Fun (Jam) 3.15

#542 Humor (Jam) 2.61

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