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Make It Rain On Them FOES!!!

Roaring Cat Games is still recuperating energy from our Ludum Dare 34 brain's child: Mount FuJ and we just wrapped up the project with a Post Mortem last night. This time, the theme was a tie resulting in a 2 Button Controls and/or Growing game. To be honest, having two themes rather than one made it a bit hard to focus because our ideas kept on jumping back and forth between the two themes (Barry's greatly written post-mortem will go further in depth with this).

For the first time ever, we had the opportunity to incorporate unique and original sounds into our game. Our sound producer, Zoe Blackwell, did a WONDERFUL job composing background music and sound effects that fused perfectly with my watercolor art style. Unintentionally, the settings was supposed to be set in the medievel era, but during the brainstorming session, I mentioned watercolor that mimics Japanese brush and so, she took this cue and ran with it. After listening to her first track, I had to follow-up and render Japanese themed art assets and it blended perfectly.

All throughout the weekend, I switched between Photoshop and Spriter 2D. In Photoshop, I taught myself how to water color and the biggest task in the beginning (that led to overall art style) was creating the perfect brush settings that mimics a watercolor brush in real life. I don't know if it's perfect, but it did serves me pretty well throughout the Jam. People have complimented and recognized it as a watercolor-like canvas and that's good enough for me. As for Spriter 2D, while I didn't get the chance to further explore the bone-rigging mechanics that I had anticipated, (I mean, our main character is a huge vocalno...), I did find it super useful for managing my animations in layer-like-layouts and especially with simple file exporting options, which saved me a lot of time! Below are some of the stylish artwork that came out of the Jam. Enjoy!

It is traditional to present our project on Sunday night on the weekend of Ludum Dare Jam and I felt like GameDevLou presentations should be recorded and shared, not just amongst ourselves, but to the world at large as we grow into Louisville Makes Games (a non-profit organization founded by members of GameDevLou) in 2016. So, I took the opportunity and fulfilled the role of the multmedia guy, who will be in charge of all the presentation media from this past Jam and hopefully, continuing to do so for future jams as well. Below is Roaring Cat Games's presentation of a semi-finish Mount FuJ. Sorry for not being clear with words through our mumbling speeches, it was a long weekend. You also can view other presentations I've recorded from Louisville Makes Games's Youtube Channel.

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