• Loi LeMix

Gingerbread Domo

Ludum Dare 34 starts this Friday's evening on December, 11th and I AM SUPER EXCITED! Excited to take a break from 3D modeling in Blender, as I have been working on a Roaring Cat Games's secret Steam project. Excited to explore Spriter 2D more in depth and creating fun animations! I've spent the last two days familiarizing myself with Spriter 2D's interface and the short, educational journey have led to two silly Gingerbread-Man Domo animations. Perfect timing for Christmas. heh.

As an 2D animator, Spriter 2D is fantastic, it allows me to make animation key frames on user controlled timelines like most Adobe programs, but in a more direct approach dedicated to 2D animation. There is a very distinct option for bones creation where you can attach images, like body parts, to bone structures. This is crucial when creating fluid action animations for my characters. The image exporting option is pretty simple, but perfect and straight to the point. Now I can spend less time worrying about image sizes and naming conventions and more time on creating awesome animations!