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Feeling Super!

Summer cleaning! I found some time to clean up my website a little bit, moved contents around and created a page dedicated to Sneaky Nessie! Nessie deserves it and he knows it. While Roaring Cat Games is currently busy with a top secret Steam project, my partner and I have always talked about getting back to working on Nessie again. When time permits, we are looking to revamp Sneaky Nessie and make it available on different mobile platforms and it will be free to download/play. I look forward to redoing some of the animations now that I have gained new experience and adding new contents to make it better than before!

P.S. Ludum Dare #33 is right around the corner (in 3 weeks!), both Barry and I are super excited to spend a weekend creating a brand new title from scratch. I can't wait!

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