• Loi LeMix

Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

A couple of weeks back, Arora Customs inquired my photography & design services for a new business card design. The owner, Ross, asked me to update his business card with a shot of his Acura portraying his quality lighting craftsmanship. Seizing the opportunity to try and learn a new technique, I took up a personal challenge of capturing "rolling shots" (a photography technique that captures a vehicle in motion). Unlike, normal still automotive photography, rolling shots requires a lot of preparation to get good results. First of all, it requires a total of three people, the project/subject car and its driver, the camera man and the driver of the second vehicle. Secondly, the location and environment have to be spacious enough for ease of navigation. Since, I dislike using wide angle lenses because they tends to distort the subject, I decided to shoot with my prime lens instead, for both faster f-stop and sharper results. As I only have a 35mm in my collection, in order to capture the whole car inside the frame, the two vehicle had to be at least one lane apart. So, driving down one-way streets in downtown Louisville played a little to our advantage. There were a bit of trial and errors but the results were satisfying to say the least. Good enough to show off as a business model car.

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