• Loi LeMix

A New Light Source

Arora Customs founded by Ross B. and Sahab B. is a small start-up company working out of Ross's personal garage that specializes in custom lighting components for both OEM and aftermarket on a variety of automotive applications. I've known these guys for years now and have worked with Ross on several lighting projects on my own personal car. He's an incredible electrician, and is also pursuing to be a licensed one as well.

Quality craftsmanship for these kinds of customization in Louisville is very scarce. With his experience and the help of our mutual friend, Sahab, they've decided to start their own venture and I think it is a fantastic idea! Business is already booming with more than 5 clients and 7 projects on the waiting list.

With my background in Logo Design and Branding, Ross naturally came to me to seeking consultation on branding for his start-up. We began brainstorming and initiated the logo design project back in November. The final logo was rendered last week and on the left is what you'll see on the face of all things Arora Customs.

Directly below are my first drafts of the business card layouts for Arora Customs. These have been printed and will temporary be used for marketing and promotion until we can find time to take newer pictures of Ross's TL (the black car).

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