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Influential Voices

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

The folks at Moving Voices of Vietnam or Tiếng Nói Lưu Vong from Louisville, KY got in contact with me late last year inquiring to help put a logo together for their award-winning oral project. With the Lunar New year quickly approaching, I finally wrapped up this project after quickly going through rush-holiday conceptualizing. The challenge with this logo design was tying the Vietnamese culture and voices into an image. How do you depict sound in a visible form? I wanted the logo to have deep meanings with a monochromatic color scheme. So, I opted for a silhouette layout, drawing out a family of four with their lips slightly apart to promote the ideology of sound resonance. Adding the geography map of Vietnam and matching it to the same color as the male’s silhouette, who serves as the father in this picture, this helps promoted the idea of foundation. Foundation as in where we came from, our roots, Vietnam. I look forward to seeing this online and on print at their special events.

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