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A Low Poly Present to Myself

A week prior to Roaring Cat Games (RCG) entry to Global Game Jam (GGJ) 2015 (Our Entry - I'll go further in depth with this at a later date), like always, I was looking for art style inspirations to challenge myself when it comes to designing our game's look and feel. Well, I came across this Low Poly art style that I simply just loved! It's fun and interesting, because of the angles and the vibrancy of colors. Barry, my teammate from RCG, told me that this style reminds him of the early days of 3D fighting games, which were evident in debut titles like Tekken, Virtual Fighters, Tomb Raider, etc. Then, it struck me that I should somehow incorporate this style into our next game challenge.

So, prior to the GGJ, which was also set the weekend before my birthday (Yay! I'm old!), seizing the opportunity to create a new profile picture, I started researching, watched tutorials and created a low poly portrait of myself. Below is the finished image, but if you want to see how this image came about, you can view the transitions taken between the original reference image to the final image on my BēHance page. I'm looking to do another portrait while giving a tutorial on this very soon since I've managed to developed my own techniques with using only Illustrator as opposed to many other tutorials out there that requires utilization of both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop simultaneously. It was more efficient and reduced the production time by nearly half. So much that, I was able to create a low poly art style game in less than 20 hours!

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