• Loi LeMix

BēHance Enhancement

I signed up for an account on BēHance about three months ago after seeing draw-dropping visual contents while researching for a specific art style to implement into my game project. It is such a bad @$$ community that is full of talented designers & artists from all over the globe! All of whom uses Adobe Creative Suite like me for all their creative productions. Like any social media outlets, it takes a little bit of getting used to, but I'm starting to get the hang of things. One of the most challenging aspect of posting my work thus far is figuring out how to display my projects within the given layout on BēHance without them looking bland. After researching for references and ideas, there seems to be a trend with most artists combining similar projects into one post rather than displaying them in different portfolio posts.

Following the same guidelines, I've combined all of the promotional goods I did for DJ B in recent years and made the tallest image file I have ever put together on the internet! The image is 725x10796 px. What you see on the right is just a way scaled down version of the orginal image, which can be seen here: DJ B Promotions.

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