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A Year of TRAPezoids

When it comes to spoiling myself, one of the few things that I can't simply get enough of is music. Be it that I am in the car, at work, working out, or just doing long extended chores/tasks, my ears are constantly occupied with various rhythms and melodies from different music genres. Coming from a family full of musicians, this is only natural.

It has been a while since I've sat down and put together a DJ Mix. And kicking off the New Year's, bringing back an old beloved hobby is a justified enough reason. 2014 was the year of the Electronic Dance Music's (EDM) Trap sub-genre for me. While I'm constantly cruising through new EDM tracks everyday, I somehow found myself replaying these songs over and over again on my iPod, phone, and laptop. Seeing Skrillex's and Dillon Francis on their Mothership tour only solidifies my love for this new found genre, Trap. This mix is appropriately titled Trapezoids, a 28+ minutes blend composing fifteen of my favorite Trap/Drum & Bass songs of last year. Free to download through the link below. Press play & enjoy!

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