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Hang Out With Your Wings Out!

Team Roaring Cat just wrapped up Ludum Dare #31 yesterday. The theme for this challenge is "Entire Game on One Screen", and man, it was a toughie! Friday night, when the theme was posted at 9 pm, Barry (@BarryRowe) and I were joined by a frequent LD Jammer, Rex (@lolo_r) to form a 3-man team. We sipped on drinks and shot around ideas and after a quick stage of elimination (a rare occurrence), we chose to work on a simple minded, zen-like bird inclusive game with a stylish vectorized artstyle. Because I have worked with vectors a lot recently, I came into this LD Challenge with confidence that I could dish out a lot of quality artworks within the crunching time frame (72 hours or 3 days). The hardest part was trying to create something user interactive, with all the available information for the players right then there on ONE screen. And so, BIRDS! beats out a reversed tower defense-type game and a mind controlled goldfish game.

Barry once again, describes the game best, this is his description from our LD Entry Page:

BIRDS! is a tranquil, light game where you have influence over a gathering of birds. You can lightly disturb the birds, force them to move around, or if you're not careful, scare them away entirely. The game starts in "Chill" mode, and is open-ended. You can switch on the power, and enter "Shock" mode where you must protect the birds from electrical surges before too many birds get fried.

Please test it out and let us know what you think! As advised, the game experience is best on the desktop, as the game mechanics flows much smoother as opposed to the web version. We've even had it running on our Android phones as well, works great with the touch mechanics.

**December 10, 2014 UPDATE**

I made a page dedicated to the arts of this game: BIRDS!

Earlier today just pass noon, Larry Chupacabra (@LarryChupacabra) did a review video for our game and liked our production! If you can recall, Larry also did a video review of our last Ludum Dare Project, Sneaky Nessie. Shout out to Larry for taking the time to play and review our game. After mooning him twice (the moon you see on my home page that resembles a... bottom), I named it Mr. Fanny Moon in his honor, as he have caught it twice in both games! heh.

Catch a few laughs, watch Larry review of our game as well our colleagues TwoScoopGames' LD entry: Deadly Cookies.

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