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Photos With Friends

It has been a while since my Nikon D5100 got to shoot night time photos, and last Friday, it finally happened after a long hiatus. Of course, this late night venture wouldn't been made into reality if it weren't for peer pressure; fellow members of TLouisville had been on my case to take pictures of their cars, especially since we are now all in our "winter mode", which basically means that we've changed our car's components to compensate for Louisville's unpredictable winter weather.

I had to scout a location for car pics and downtown Louisville is the best spot as it is always so vibrant and colorful, with lots of light sources to help illuminate the TL's paint. Unfortunately, with the UofL men's basketball game happening as I made my way downtown, both foot traffic and vehicle traffic were too heavy and too dangerous for me to stand and shoot with a tripod. Noticing how bright the skyscrapers were from the current festivities, my next obvious location choice was the Falls of Ohio Park, a park directly across the Ohio River with the perfect view of Louisville's Skyline.

After a few minutes of adjusting the camera's settings to night photography, these are the results of nearly two hours of withstanding November's feet numbing, cold weather.

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