• Loi LeMix

A Trollvember to Remember

So, I had a little fun trolling (pranking) my peers this past weekend on my Facebook. My friends and family all know I have a quirky sense of hairstyle. To them, the idea of shaving my head would be something very drastic and dramatic. This personal project came about Friday morning when one of my buddies had shaved his head earlier in the week and kept insisting that I joined him on his recent venture. I seriously have no interests in shaving my head, but he kept on asking and while I got slightly annoyed, the idea also peaked my interests as to how I would look like with no hair. And so, let just say, that the amount of time shaving my head in real life would have been significantly less than what it took me inside of Photoshop! This was a knowledge trip for sure, there were some trial and errors, my first render was horrendous, I looked like an alien! The end results though, were entertaining to say the least, I had a good laugh over the course of the weekend getting messages from people who were in disbelief of my photo. I even got yelled at by my mom and she had to do a double take when she saw me after my brother had shown her the photo.

This was an experimental mission for me, to see how competent I was at photo-manipulating in Photoshop by convincing my friends and family on social media that I've made a drastic appearance decision. The mission was successful because everyone fell prey to my prank. Muaahahha!

#Photography #GraphicDesign