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Engaging Autumn Photos

A good friend of mine, whom I met through my Acura TL car family, recently got engaged. He told me that he liked my style of photography and wanted my service for his engagement photoshoot Mid-October. As the couple wanted an autumn-themed shoot, I was given only a week and a half to prepare! Although, I've done portraiture photography in the past, this was a totally different style that I had to research thoroughly before prior to accepting. I inquired the help from one of my photography friend, Vickie, (who had experience with portraits) to team up with me on this venture as I'd thought two photographers would cover the angles better, and therefore, better photos results.

The week quickly rolled by and our plans were to shoot at Bernheiim Arbetorum (South of Louisville) and the weather couldn't have been any more perfect. The leaves were turning colors and the end results from the 4-hour shoot were better than I had originally expected! Follow onto my Photography page to see our favorite shots!

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