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Standing Dead

Initially, I was going to dress up as Ryu from street fighter, he was my childhood hero and Street Fighter II was my gateway to video games. I had prepared the costume for months in advance, everything was ready. And then, comes Halloween, the weather's prediction abruptly changed from Sunny the day before to Cold Rain and Sleet by evening, go-hour time. There was no way I was going out with cut off sleeves and flip flops to match the essentials of Ryu's costume. Within 12 hours of improvising, I had to quickly search for an Asian Male figure that is popular within the American pop culture, and my god, there is literally none! Jackie Chan? Bruce Lee? No, too stereotypical, no fun. Then I remembered a buddy told me months back that I looked like Glenn from Walking Dead, so it hits me! A quick Google images search session and diving into my closet, I managed to pull something together that kind of resembles Glenn. His clothing articles were mostly henleys in the later episodes. The gun in the picture is real (I had a fake toy gun that I carried when I went out, it made shooting sound too, super awesome!), it's a 9mm with an authentic thigh holster and a fake blade inside a holder clipped to the belt. There is also fake blood around my mouth, but you can hardly see that.

I tried to hint this picture as much as possible in regards to my character, even going as far as inputting the word "dead" in the picture for social media fun. Unfortunately tho, very few people recognized my character, the people I met in my outing and even my friends didn't know who I was. "Are you like, Jackie Chan?", one of friends asked. I think a piece of me died right then and there -_-. Also, plot twist! I've never watched Walking Dead.

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