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Sketchy Post

It has been quite some time since I've touched a led pencil and literally sat down to sketch. Today, I went all out and filled up 5 pages in my very empty Moleskin sketchbook that a friend had bought for me months ago. The first page was drawn within the first week I received it as a gift. Because she knows how uncoordinated I get with coloring in traditional media, she challenged me to "draw something that inspires me, and add colors to it". Naturally, I drew a portrait of her from a photo. The inspiration part was easy, because without her I wouldn't have a sketchbook to draw in, derp. At the time, I was really into drawing patterns, so I started creating different patterns inside her hair (she cuts off her long hair shortly after the picture that I used as reference for this drawing, hence the scissor clipping away). In the end, I cheated myself out of coloring the portrait, muahahha!

After receiving positive feedback from our game productions recently, the Kasetagen game indie dev duo, which consists of Barry R. & Mike R. basically absorbed me into the team as the Lead Game Artist. Especially, since I shared a joint project with Barry on Sneaky Nessie (which by the way, received some new gameplay updates last week). We sat down and had a discussion for name changes, largely due to the fact that we're trying to push towards releasing our games as apps and marketing them, we need to have a name that is more marketable. At first, I didn't know how to say "Kasetagen'. Needless to say, I went crazy with brainstorming and here are the results with rough logo idea sketches to accompany them (sorry, I couldn't locate my scanner, so phone pics will suffice)

Crooked Cupcakes Games (Slanted Cupcakes with toppings falling over) Play Panda Games (Existing Panda Design with a joystick in front of him) Roaring Cat Games (Cats Roaring gesture like a lion with the caption roar) Friendly Monsters Studio (Smiling little random chibi monsters) Lemur with Lasers Games (Cartoon Lemur with laser toy guns shooting) Friendly Fire Studio (Two water guns shooting at each other one bubble text reads "Ouch", the other reads "sorry") Hippy Hippo Games (Purple Hippo Head with a big smile, gold tooth) SquidWorks Games (A Chibi Squid squirting ink spelling out SquidWorks Games, think Japanese calligraphy) Epic Elephant Studio (Elephant in a suit holding an AK and a glock with his trunk shooting to the left) Green Egg Games (A Green Cracked Egg with rainbow yolk) Nimble Nimbus Games (Layered light color clouds floating on top of another *edit* actually, it would be Nimbi for plural) T-Rex Revenge Studio (Side or 3/4 back view of a T-Rex Head with a bandana on, think rambo) Pew Pew Games (Toy Laser Gun shooting banner reading "pew pew") Hidden Agenda Games (A concerned looking notebook hiding behind a tree) Cracked Easter Egg Studio (A cracked cool patterned Easter Egg opens to a joystick instead of a yolk) Midnight Adventure Studio (The silhouette of a half moon half clock with a joystick striking 12) Happy Hyena Games (Cartoon Hyena lik the ones from the Lion King laughing with squinty eyes) Boneyard Games (A Chibi Corgi with a golden bone in its mouth, standing on a pile of bones) Midget Monkey Games (Okay, this is just f***ing hilarious, i don't care who you are, if you say this out loud, you're going to laugh. A furious chibi monkey holding a water gun pointing up as a logo) Agent Alpaca Games (Chibi Alpaca from the neck up in a suit/tie and sunglasses?)

As for the other 2 pages in the sketchbook... well, stay tuned...

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