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The Reviews Are In! "Sneaky Nessie is adorable..."

The game is live!! Whooot! Here's the link to our competition submission: Ludum Dare 30.

You can play it on the web on Barry's website: Sneaky Nessie Web

Ultimately, I would advise downloading the zip/dmg/tar file (pertaining to your OS) and play it in HD, as I rendered the level in 1200x720 pixels. Also, pay attention to the controls. Our hopeful feedback is to get smiles and laughs from the players. Cheers!

Larry Chupacabra (@LarryChupacabra) did a review on all of the LD #30 entries from GameDevLou. He liked our idea and have a fondness for some of the elements I placed in the level. Much cheers to Larry for taking his time to review our entries (Sneaky Nessie reviews starts at the 13:35 mark)!

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