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Sneaking Into Ludum Dare 30

Recommended by some of my colleagues, I took up a challenge called "Ludum Dare" where I was challenged to create a game on a team within 72 hours over the course of one weekend. This is quite possibly the funnest and most exciting project I've been a part of in the longest while. My team consists of only two people, a super talented programmer/designer named Barry (who did all the programming and coding) and myself (who was solely in charged of all the artworks). Started on Friday night, we managed to create a playable demo inside of libGDX by Sunday Night and got to presented it to our fellow indie developers from GameDevLou.

As of this moment, we have yet to be fully finished with the 2D sidescroller. Since I can't contain my excitement any further, I want to share what I did over the past weekend with you guys. Everything will be up and ready to be played after 9 PM today, as it is the deadline for entry to the competition. I will post a follow up link as soon as it is finialized.

Just a quick teaser, below is an actual in-game animation of the main character.

For more information on this challenge, you can read it up here:

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