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Oh Snap, Snap, Snaphots!

Okay, so this past month, it was all photos... of mostly cars. First there was the trip to Chicago for 4th of July weekend, then Import Alliance car show at the Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, KY, and then randomly shooting with some buddies during photography power hour.

The Chicago trip was a great time because I got to watch the sunrise with a friend, whom I travelled with for an EDM concert at the Navy Pier. Watching the fireworks goes off within close distance of the concert was a stellar moment.

The Import Alliance show was ultra cool because there were a huge attendane of modify imports. I also got to take several great shots of my TL with the KY Speedway racetrack as my backdrop. For a moment, it felt like I was the only one there. The power of photography.

Then lastly, just about a week ago, I met with some new friends during sunset and proceed to take some premium shots with my 35mm prime lens, which I simply, simply love using because of the depth of field effect. Bokeh everywhere.

Here's quick preview. Follow the above link to preview high res shots.

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