• Loi LeMix

Show Time!

On Saturday June 21st we opened the doors for a charity concert to help raise money to fund preliminary constructions for Chua Phuoc Hau, a Buddhist temple based in Louisville, KY. The Le Brothers Band, consisting of my five brothers and I, needless to say, had an amazing time! All of that though, resulted with exhaustion by the end of the night. We started out with equipment loading and setting up at 9am and did not finished packing up/leaving the building until 4am. So, let's do a quick numerical recap: 1 Sound Director (me), 5 talented Musicians (my brothers), 6+ months of music rehearsing and preparation, 30+ Audio channels control, 600+ attendees, $80K+ in money raised in just one night, countless missing hours of sleep and hard work = worth it. This was the single most successful fundraising event EVER for the Vietnamese Community here in Louisville, KY and we were stoked to have made such history. A lot of folks in the community have already began requesting this to be an annual thing shortly after the concert. Me, my answer is simply, "Yeah, let's not do that again anytime soon". It was a lot of work.

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