• Loi LeMix

Camera, Check. Lights... Everywhere!

I had a fun opportunity last week collaborating with my new friend, Vickie T., who is a fellow photographer, fashionista, and a aspiring model. Our photography adventure took place at familiar and unfamiliar places in downtown Louisville, KY and then across the bridge to Jeffersonville, IN at the end of the night for skyline shots. These were all night shots and it was a bit rough at first, well, at least for me. It took me some time to get adjusted to night shooting. Vickie, on the other hand, shoots like a pro with non-shakey hands. All the humidity withstand and late night efforts put into the shoot was totally worth it.

Pictures from that session can be seen on my Photography page as well as my Flickr's page. I also started to socialize on Instagram due to numerous peers request. Follow me @loilemix where I will post my personal favorite automotive photography shots and Vickie @potahtos on instagram to see all the cool artsy things she's working on!

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