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Mother Day's Fiesta!

It is time to dust of the midi controller and drop some beats! It has been over a year since I've had the opportunity/time to play around with my DJ Midi Controller, the Denon MC6000!

The story of how this came about is through recommendations and observations. The St. Vianney Church committee took notice of my DJing abilities at weddings and private gigs some years back and had inquired to splash something new to help them attract/keep the crowd at this year's festival. I'm the only person within the Vietnamese community who have any major sound control experience, so this collaboration was destined!

The greatest challenge for me isn't picking up the MC6000 and learning it again, but it's to put the right playlist together for this festival. Considering the age group is like, 5-55, the genres are all over the place! Because of the demography are Vietnamese, I look forward to dropping some Vietnamese remixed tunes.

I am excited and thoroughly looking forward to Saturday's night!


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