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A Musical note

And the Le Bros are at it again! Yes, Le Bros is a band composing of six brothers (including myself). Typically, we only play traditional Vietnamese tunes for special occasions. This one, listed on the flyer is for a charity concert on June 21 summer of 2014. The charity is to raise funds to help with building construction for a local Buddhist temple in Southern Louisville, KY.

My involvement with this project is as both the Art & Sound Direction for the event. The design aspect of this poster wasn't so bad as I set a criteria for good photos, as it will be the main attention draw for the viewers. Upon that, the layout, the more colorful the better as I have learned from past experience, the Vietnamese demography is really attracted to vibrant posters!

The music aspect, well, it is both fun and tiresome. I am happy to see that my brothers and I are getting the opportunity to play another concert again, but the process of what's involved, rehearsing, scheduling, notes, set up, sound correction, etc. are some of most time consuming work, ever. That's on top of everyone's really busy daily schedule. But, It will all be worth it! I really look forward to the concert's date!

FYI, the written texts in the poste below are in Vietnamese. I would love to translate, but I can barely comprehend reading it myself. Apologies.

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