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Flaming Derby Hot 100 2014

My good doctor (pun) buddy, DJ B, called me up requesting expedited design services to help promote a big upcoming annual Derby party in town. This was project was indeed fun and time consuming, I literally ended up doing twenty four designs/layouts before the final one. How did I kept the count? By naming all of my exported jpg layouts in alphabetical order, and what you see below is the "Z" layout. Needless to say, all that time spent, only the logo layouts were used, the background was scrapped, which was replaced with this: Facebook Flyer Link. From a designer perspective, all I can say is, ew. Then again, regardless of how I want it, the client has the final say. I do my work and move on. Also, just to be clear, my firend was the messenger, the promoter who relay the info to just had to had it his way.

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