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And then there were 10!

I'm not sure why, but I have recently found out that I suffered from indecisiveness symptoms when it comes to creating something for myself. I would go over many, many designs before deciding on a final design, which I sometimes end up scrapping and starting over. This hold true with my website, logo, and now this, my business card layout. Though, looking at the glass half full, I now have a set of 10 different business card designs to show off! I recently proof test and printed them out on thick stock gloss paper and well, the results are pretty exceptional. Best of all, each card costs me roughly about 10¢ to make after printing it out at Staples. Since 10 design layouts are printed on one letter size sheet , a little extra love and labor goes into the final product as a result of careful handling and individual cutting. They're like, my little paper babies!

As to why I suddently got into the mood of personal business card designs? Well, several clients recently wanted to refer me to their colleagues and I felt bad because I didn't give them anything fun to look at. What's odd is that I should have done this a long time ago... sigh. Better late than never! To see all the layouts enlarged, click here

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