The Roaring Cat Games team was at full force for the Global Game Jam 2015! For this jam session, I did prior research and set on a Low Poly art style, an art/design style that have been incorporated into a lot of designs this past year. Not only does Low Poly looks unique, it was a style used in early renderings of 3D modeling. So, this was a perfect fit, bringing back video game's nostalgia while spicing the visual up with colors.


Here is Barry's great description of the game:


As a camping enthusiast, you encounter a grumpy, suspicious park ranger who's watching you closely for any slip ups. He wants a pristine park! Unfortunately your campsite is frequented by PartySquatch himself. What do you do now?


The theme was a tough one to design around, "What do we do now?" Several hours of discussion lead us to mostly "puzzle" type of games idea. In which, we were sure half of the entries were doing. Instead, we opted for something quick, humorous and a painless play-through without much thinking. Especially, considering the very restrictive time-frame. This one-shot title can be played at Roaring Cat Games.


Art Assets Management

Vector Art Animation

Level Animation

Level Design