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Mount FuJ

Another weekend, another quick and thoughtful game resulted from Ludum Dare #34's themes: "2 Button Controls/Growing". It all happened on an unusually warm weekend in mid-December. For the first time ever, Roaring Cat Games got to collaborate with a sound designer and got to work with a talented, local student music composer named Zoe Blackwell. She gave us some wonderful original compositions and sound effects that weres just perfect for the game's mood.


You can find our entry here on Ludum Dare's website: Mount FuJ and its Post Mortem


"Mount FuJ is a take on tower defense, or defend the castle style games. You play as an active volcano trying to protect the village that has popped up just below at your base. The village is under siege from an unknown enemy that is sending wave after wave of pikemen and horsemen units. The village will fight back, but it is no match for the army. You must use your volcanic ways to rain down lava balls on the enemy before all of the buildings are destroyed. "



Graphical User Interface Design

Character Concept Design

Spriter Pro Animations

Water Color Style

Level Design


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